Providing high quality work in a timely manner.

Stokes Surveying strives to collect and deliver accurate data to help our clients with strategic planning and direction. We are happy to provide our services for projects large and small! With up-to-date technology and a great team in the field, we have the capacity, experience, expertise, and desire to service even the most complex surveying and mapping projects across the state.
At Stokes Surveying & Mapping, we adhere to the following core values:
We feel that maintaining open and honest dialogue with our clientele is not only the right way, but the best way to do business.

We strive to keep all of our clientele happy through expedient service in all aspects of the job. From the initial inquiry through field work, mapping and invoicing. We want to continue to grow our client base, and we have found the best way to get referrals and repeat business is through quality work performed in a timely fashion at a reasonable price.

With cutting edge equipment and knowledgeable staff, we always provide an accurate and complete finished product.